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De-realization, time warping around...

Published by Acidz in the blog Acidz notebook. Views: 151

My throat burns... My lungs feel the sudden... As if oxygen left my lungs, only to fill it with milk. Leaving me with a scene of nothingness a moment in times space with absolutely no worry no thought. I notice time slowing down, o wait not just time it seems like everything is slowing down. I notice the unnoticed by means to thoughts that pass my mind, I see them differently almost everything seems unreal.

Attempting to walk seems unnatural, my body feels like a piece of jelly. Wobbling around this room, I can feel each step even to the most inner parts of my body. Senses became extremely sensitive, things I see, smell, touch are much more interesting then ever before. Music oh oh, what a wonderful 'thing', so as if I can use it to unravel mysteries, although now it seems to guide my body my mind my everything, all onto a wave. This wave takes me to the next realm I seek to feel free within. My inner thoughts play me a riddle, 'let go, let go, let go'. The fear of losing reality may seem weird at first but to think about it, what is reality? So my mind accepted the worst and finally I left everything behind and I let go...

Time suddenly warping from here to the next inner realm of inconsistent time, something different something seemingly unreal. The vision I have, makes up static objects as if my world consists of a wire-frame with dots connecting corners and lines as if objects have their own meaning to move. Everything is moving in its own way, everything seems alive. Touching something seems like something out of the avatar movie. Sparks of joy and lights and random particles flying around, joy and laughter filling the void I once had.

Still the natural human thought returns to haunt my ecstasy. Only to leave me wondering when will this end and if it does what then, after spending a few moments on that thought, 'felt like hours going by' I soon left it standing only to haunt me again later. I moved on.. I went back and enjoyed the blissfulness, although this time being more in control by the basic rule set we have since our infancy. I realised that being on this wave I can think about everything, by that meaning if a thought comes I can think about it and solve it or go so deep into it. And at-least with a much more open-minded view, than any other time during a normal walk in that reality, as in everyday being 'normal/blinded'.

Makes me wonder why are we blinded, why are we being kept from exploring the realms connected to this reality we call 'home'. Like any other question in that section it will remain unanswered I guess, till something happens, something... Back to the wave thinking about happy things again and just exploring the mind and inner things. I noticed how weird sound got, am I under water? Confused by what's happening I rushed to the window... Its raining outside, I can hear the drops one by one, I can slow down time inside my mind I can control the rate of delivery... BAM!! lighting strikes, I can hear the sound echoing into the horizon but weirdly its echoing outwards-reversed back to me?

The drops seem like little crystals falling from a cloud of magic dust, its changing colours... All of them look pink, yellow, blue, purple.... red, the ones with lighting tends to go black for a moment and then out of the darkness comes this bolt of shining light that seems to repair this 'planet' we live on. Makes me think since we are all alike in atom form, we are part of this, everything is. Everything we ever made came from this earth, some books even speak that we are made from the dust found on this earth... Wonderful bliss!!

Slowly I feel the wave slowing down, I'm returning home... With a wee bit of sadness overwhelming my mind and body, I soon made it to go away as I know now, that this blissful place is here and I can revisit it any-time I like. It makes me feel real and alive, maybe this place we call 'home' aint so bad after all maybe its the way we look at these things that makes us the way we are, since we live by choice. After all its not over yet. I can feel my ears, its numb... Its actually kinda annoying, slowly opening my eyes I let the known reality back into my mind, returning home with a smile still safely within my chair I continue with my day to day doings, with memories from the other realm still strong within. Making me smile inside, keeping me happy.
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