Dear jejus,

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Help me want the right things. I never get what I want. Now I only want what i can have, so I want nothing. I'm tired of wanting nothing.

Tell me what to want.

I'm tired of being my own daughter. You can be my parents.

Please curse everybody in the world but me and make me telepathic so I'm more special than anyone I've ever heard of and then I'll find out how to make money off of being telepathic.

Make me more special than anyone else.

Make me live forever.

That's all I want.

Now help me want the right things.

in jejus name amen and p.s. Kill that one guy for me. Oh and give me my brother's recording studio so my voice doesn't sound like holy cr@p. As it stands, I got LogicPro but my microphone is utter garbage and I stopped using GarbageBand but I can't record vocals until I sneak into my/his recording studio, so can you make him either gimme it or die or move out or something? Oh and make me pure of heart so I can see You face. Okay, Amen for realz.

I fully expect my inbox to be flooded by prayer requests.

Oh, and I'm bored. Any creepsters wanna PM? This site is kinda slow. Life is slow for me right now.
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