Delusion of mind

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We have lost our understanding in such themes
As love, freedom and truth in life,
That we commonly reject them without hesitating
And resolve that we must forever be prey delusion of mind.

Soon that delusion turns to fact
And our minds become corrupt,
The disease of lies that fills the lack
Of simple knowledge…

The tongues of men and their subtle ways,
Catching throngs by surprise
Sucking false words into darkness they stray,
Holding to heart those well said lies.

They turn a blind eye to the obvious lack
Of justice and of truth,
They don’t want to see their pretty world crack
To crumble and fall as they die… in a wasted land.

A wasted land to a wasted life
And empty shallow state
A void of sense, just pain and strife
Burning inside with hate.

Walking through the desert of their minds
The tortured ache of their parched souls
Lacking the waters of truth
Glassy stares, hearts turned cold

Thus is the life of young and of old
Living in the world of today
Bleeding and broken one strand of life they hold
Throwing their lives away

Someday we will have a world
Where love will reign again
Where smiles through tears will be seen
And we’ll have joy instead of pain

--Delusion of mind
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