Diane Krolita, Page 3

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The sun hit my face like a skillet. "When did it go so hot?" I wiped the sweat from my face as I headed out to go visit Kiven.

Yes, Kiven Whymver, not good at much except smuggling and extortion. He makes a fine living of the two though. I met him back when the whole world decided to leave, he and I were the only two at the airport for the entertainment. It was funny, watching eveybody scurry like mice into the various transportation vehilces provided.

"Can you believe that?" The kid on my left with a green scully cap and unkempt blonde hair said to me suddenly. "Thy're like roaches when the lights turn on. 'Gotta go, gotta go!'" An infectious smile spreading acros his face, I had to smile back.

"I can believe it, I was s'posed to be doing that too, but ain't no way." I brushed my hair from my face, the wind wacking t at my eyes.

He looked over, "I don't see why anyobody would want to be a sardine, even for a moment."

"Neithrer do I.,"
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