Diversity in Storytelling

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Hey guys, so I wanted to talk about my conceptions of storytelling that I use. Of course, being an amateur hobbyist, I'm not an expert. But I do believe there is logic in my ideas, and I have a great passion for the theory. Today I'll be talking about how I believe the themes, feel and event types of a story should be mixed; the more grounded the story the more so.
I find with storytelling it's essential that it captures you in order to capture the reader. As a result, it needs to be involving. And so it should be that you spend time delving into a character. As such, with your major characters, I find it very important to display diversity in their lives. Show more than one thing they do, setting they go to, person they relate to. It tells you more about them, it fills out the story with more depth, and is entertaining for you to create more of them.
This is the same with the themes and feel of the story. I like, for example, if the story is quite dark; most of my stuff is explicit, to mix it up with some humour and warmth. This makes it feel more real and less boring and lazily made. Depth is not just in showing one thing powerfully; it's in showing many things with that power. So broaden your storyline.
Thank you for your time. Hope you have a good day. :blowkiss::blowkiss:
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