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Does Anyone Not Understand My Opinion

Published by Leaka in the blog Change. Views: 208

I'm so tired of people saying I'm controlling or I only want it one way. When the truth is this, I get the feeling they only want it one way. They get mad at the fact that I don't include everyone in the game, but if someone else has an obligation towards something else they cannot make it to another minor obligation that's fine. We don't need to please everyone. All my life I have been extremely unpopular. No one has ever listened to my opinions. You cannot say my opinions matter, and then contradict themselves by telling me I'm being controlling. I'm only stating something with my personality, that's who I am. They want me to respect them, but tey don't give me an ounce of respect. And the moment that I do something against their beliefs, I'm the asshole while they stay squeaky clean.
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