Dream or true?

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Everything was foggy, her only thought was "where I am" .
Nothing come to her mind. She just lay there on the ground, without knowing what going on. Slowly she takes conscious that she is alone, without anymore thoughts she run to the door.

With hope to find a way out but only if she knows that the true hell had just started.

When she pass the door, she couldn't believe in what her eyes see, was the type of thing that we only see in movies. It was getting her sick to look at blood and dead people all over the place. She was surrounded by dead and then, she realize she was lucky to be alive, so she just focuse to find a way out.

She run a big bloody hallway until she find stairs, she just starts getting down and down, until she barely could feel their legs. Looking around she could understand she was on as on a hotel.

Suddently someone screams, she runs to the person that has terrified and beggin for their life. She got confuse, how could that person ask her no to harm her if both are victims. She grab that person by the arm and start searching the exit. Everything was very well locked, really fast she realize that she will find a key on recepcion or backoffice so she went searching for that.

While she walk, she could see fear and panic on the other person face but she couldn't understand why. Until something got her attention, security cameras, now she could understand and goin on and each way to go. It takes her a while to understand how that works but quickly cameras start repalying what had happend.

Her heart stops for a minute, the person with her starts screaming and running. She couldn't move, while her brain is trying to process everything she just saw, it was like slow image in her mind repeting and repeting, she was the murder, she kill all that persons.

Suddenly she feel her body shut down and all turn black.
The floor was cold and she deep breathing, with one only thought "It was a dream", but when she open their eyes; something was strange, it was the same room that she had dream about or wasn't a dream?

She was terrified but there was only one way to find out what was going on. Regaining strenght she lift herself from the floorand go to the door hopping that everything had only been a dream.

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