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Dream: Someone help me out here

Published by Em_Anders in the blog Em_Anders's blog. Views: 225

Like most of my previous blog posts, I have a dream to share. Only this time it is in snippets and glimpses of the whole. What the main storyline or theme is, I have no clue, but I hope that in my relation of my dream someone will be able to fill in the blanks.

My dream went as follows:

Harsh ragged breathing fills my ears, my sight is dim and yellowed. The hall before me is tiled, dingy, and houses hundreds of doors. All are locked, all are darkened, and as I pass each one, the breathing lessens and silence fills the void.

A scream of terror rips through my mind and I am flung back against the wall. A door opens and darkness spills forth, oozing up and along the wall beside me. It begins to turn to mist and take shape; it is huge and dense and smells of sickly medicine.

A door slams and I am once again walking down the empty hallway, my bare feet cold and dry on the tiled floor. My hands start to sweat as each door opens, yet silence still reigns. I call out a hollow echo, begging someone to be there, begging for security and reassurance.

The doors all slam shut at once and I wake.
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