Dreams Do Come True

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You ever watch a show or read a book, and by the end of it you've come away feeling that you've learned something? I'm sure we all have or will at some point. In any event, that's what this one is: a small reminder inspired by something I've been watching. (And if you're curious that something is Naruto. The first series is on Netflix, and I couldn't pass up a chance to re-watch one of my favorite childhood shows. :rolleyes:)

I had a few takeaways from this show this time around. This one comes from something the protagonist, Naruto, said to his young friend, Konohamaru, who sought the fastest way to reach their shared dream of becoming Hokage (the greatest ninja of the land and leader of the village). He said there are no shortcuts. And he's right.

When it comes to our dreams, there are no shortcuts. If, for one person, they come quickly, then so be it. But if they do not, so be it as well. For most of us it takes time, and that means patience. It takes hard work - focus, diligence, persistence. It also takes faith to overcome all the times we will doubt ourselves along the way and serenity to accept when some doubts have truth to them. And last, it takes integrity to stay true to your vision and your path. Many forces will distract you on the path to your dreams, and some will change you. You have to have the resolve and self-awareness to grow from this and not be hindered. That's what it takes to see your dream to the end.

Oh! One more thing: at some point your dream will be challenged and you will have to decide for yourself what your dream really means to you. That's when you learn how far you will go for it and hopefully, gain the will to keep it alive. You may also learn something about yourself.

Given this forum is full of ambitious people, I hope someone can come away from this with a little clarity. Asé. Hetepu. :agreed:
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