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Published by Robyn in the blog Soooo. Is this actually supposed to mean something?. Views: 101

Okay, so, this is a really random thought. I was thinking about a dream I once had when I was about, oh, six, I think. Don't ask me how I remember this, but I do. In fact, this could even be a dream of a dream. But, I do find it rather imaginative, definately something that would form in a six year old's mind. Well, here it goes:

The weather was nice. There were a few clouds in the sky, and they were all bright purple. The grass on my front lawn was blue, and the leaves on my cherry tree were pink. I was sitting on my front porch, watching a rather large butterfly float across the lawn. Then, a loud screech could be heard from above. A pterodactyl was swooping down from the sky! It landed on my roof and let out another loud screech. My mother came outside and asked what was happening. I pointed to the roof.

Next, a bronchiasaurus appeared and started eating the leaves off of the tree. I laughed. My brothers came outside and ran towards the dinosaur, playing with its tail. It just stood there and kept chewing on the cherry tree. Now, a huge roar could be heard. A T-rex had climbed out of a hole in the ground! It ripped the tree away from the bronchiasaurus and ate the dinosaur. My brothers ran away, screaming. Next, the T-rex ate the pterodactyl, swallowing it whole. The roof came off next. I ran inside and hid behind a paint easel. The T-rex started munching on the floor, getting closer and closer to me.

Then, I woke up. Seriously, don't ask how I remembered this dream. I just did. I think its better than the dream I had last year when my parents went insane and a phsyco doll started dancing over a grave, trying to kill me and Danny Phantom (yes, Danny Phantom, the cartoon. Honestly, I really don't understand my sleeping mind:p). Well, that's that. I hope you enjoyed my memory of a six year old girl's dream!
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