End of Summer

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I can't believe that it's over already! I had plans to write a short story or two, and try to get some quiet time to write! I maybe got a few days in here or there, but not enough to get some writing brainstormed, planned, and started.

I keep musing over my deficiencies and then when I have a great idea, I find myself thinking to myself: "I couldn't possibly write about THAT. I don't know anything about XYZ, and how would I remotely research it?"

Then along came my professional development course, massive grading from the summer reading program, and then my daughter having chicken pox right in the last week before my return to school.

Now I'm in mourning for the demise of my summer relaxation writing moments. Writing now will have to take place in between classes or hurriedly in a notebook in the car on the way home. Or late at night as I'm trying to keep my bleary eyes open.

Meanwhile, there's another conference I just HAVE to attend in October, and I have to get payments in by September 1st. Yikes! Where am I going to get around $500 at this juncture? Master's degree, you taunt me with your tempting credits and promises of future salary increases and untold learning!!
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