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(okay there is no beginning yet)

Elrin walked into the room with a satisfied smile on his face. Eliza sat in the corner working herslef through her music book. Elrin knew what that was. There was something bothering her, something bad. Whenever she went through that book the music showed her mood. Her flute lay in her lap carefully balanced while she flipped through the music. When he stepped in he took off his jacket and set it behind a chair where it hung to let the water drip onto the floor.
He didn't speak to her, knowing well enough that she would let her anger out on him if he disturbed her. She flipped through a piece of music, not once looking up to him. Once she found one she pulled up the flute from where it lay and put it to her lips. The musc began soft and dark for a long time. the puzzlement of anger and pain seeped through her fingers from her soul. The music transitioned to a soft ballad. A tragic song. One of death and pain.
When it ended she put the flute down and began to piece through the book again.
He took the opportunity to speak to her now.
"Something wrong?" he asked casually sitting on the bed.
She didn't look up to him.
"No." she said shortly.
"Are you sure? You seem mad at something or someone. Was it Jet? Did he do something to make you angry? If he did then you tell me," Elrin sat upright. She stopped piecing through the book to stare up at him. "C'mon Eliza i can't read your mind. You have to tell me what's bothering you."
Her fingers gripped the edge of the book. She could feel her music crinkling under her grasp. She released it and took a deep breath then turned to her music.
"If you're such a genius then you tell yourself what's bothering me."
He frowned, "Don't play games with me right now. I haven't done anything."
Elrin saw her freeze and before he could see it coming she threw the music book at him. He dodged it in time to see it fly over his head. The music book hit the wall with a large thud. The music flew everywhere while Eliza was breathing heavily.
"You stupid boy!" Eliza cried, "How could you go off and act like one of those dogs? They rape women and drink so much it's enough to know that you've just gone off and hung with them." She knew she was right. Elrin was acting like a fool today and he should realize that women aren't any different from men. "Elrin, from now on stay away from those men. If you go with them I'm afriad people will see us differently and treat us differently. I won't have you messing up the reputation we have worked so hard to build here in the Military world. You understand that right? So don't go-"
"Shut up!" Elrin shouted at last.
He had been so quiet up until now. Eliza drew away from him. Never before had he ever yelled at her with such cold eyes. Eliza looked down. She was being controlling again like the Leutenant had told her once before. It was not right to be controlling when you are equals. But this was his fault! He was acting like one of those Military scums who just came on to women to mess with them and worse was that Elrin knew this. He even rode with them in their truck back to the apartment.
"Okay, then I guess you don't need me telling you what to do. You've got it under control right?" Eliza asked, looking to the floor. "Become like them then! I never want to see you again if this is the way you're going to treat women. We're not toys, we're human beings. Remember that and come find me when you're head is screwed on right again!"
Eliza took off and bounded out of the apartment.
She ran far away not once looking back to the apartment. Elrin had said nothing to stop her. He had let her run out without any thought of stopping her.
'Stupid Elrin, let him go and get some weird girl to take him away.' she thought but the thought left her mind quickly. She didn't want that. She wanted him to stay by her side forever and then one day they would have a family of their own and their kids would be cousins and grow up together. Not for a long time. As long as either of them lived they would not be without the other. Their bond that had inscribed itself on their bodies made them realize this.
"I have to go back and tell him I'm sorry for being so controlling." she said at last.
When she looked up she found herself around the warehouses. The fountain was just between the next alley. It's so dark out here now, she thought, looking around the darkness the alley had taken in. There were no working oil lamps around this part. If she got to the other side then it would be no problem getting back to the apartments. She could see the light already on the other side.
When she was turning around she made her way a few steps when she heard something swish past her.
She jumped aside in time to see Lust's long fingers stab the ground next to where she had been. She dodged again as the daggers stabbed the earth, easily breaking through the brick road. Eliza drew out her chalk and drew the circle. She slapped her hands on the circle to see the red glow.
"Lust!" she ried out, "Get away from me!" she warned.
Lust stood up on the roof top with a smile on her face.
"I've come to get you girl."
"My name is not girl, if you haven't realized by now it's Eliza. So get it right and memorize it."
From the circle came a large brick wall zooming into the air where Lust was. Lust dodged this instantly. Eliza knew her power was weak without Elrin but she had to try. She was on her own here.
Lust raised her eyebrow.
"You're so helpless without that brother of yours. He is the stronger one of the two of you but that doesn't matter, or does it?" Eliza paused with the circle she had redrawn to listen to Lust, "He wants to live his own life now without anyone to hold him down. That includes you too, doesn't it?."
Eliza inhaled a large breath.
"Wha...?" How did she know that? She thought wildly as Lust's smile grew more confident when she realized she had hit a delicate spot. Eliza grinded her teeth and frowned, "You shut up!" she cried.
"Oh, looks like I was right. That brother of yours really only wants to be free from you holding him back all the time right? He even proved that today by hanging out with those men and seeing those older women today at the bar. Face it, you're not worth much importance anymore. He's off on his own and he's loving the freedom already I bet."
Lust's words hurt her more than ever. She felt the tears running down her face. Lust was manipulating her. It was only manipulation! She was lying to her. Elrin loved Eliza with all his heart...But, he was mad at her. He had wanted her to leave, he hadn't stopped her from leaving the apartment. Lust was right.
The circle's glow vanished and Eliza's head dropped.
"'re right. He is mad at me. He even yelled at me." she laughed once which choked out into a sob. "I wasn't trying to tell him what to do I just wanted him to stop hanging around with those jerks. I just didn't want him to stray away from our goal..."
"Hmph, well that's not my goal right now so get over it." She said hatefully. "I could care less what your problems are. Honestly i have my own but you don't see me complaining. I'm moving forward with my plans."
Eliza winced.
Such hurtful words. How could she live with herself?
Within the next moment She felt two arms on her shoulders.

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