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okay so recap, eliza had just gotten into an argument with her brother Elrin. they two of them rarely fight so this is a big problem for the two of them to overcome...

She tried to turn around but she felt the grip tighten on her shoulders and she winced with a bit of pain. This person...who could it possibly be? Probably one of Lust's accomplises. Eliza looked up to Lust who had disappeared from where she had just been. When the person turned her around she felt herslef go into shock.
"It's...It's you!" she cried.
The man raised an eyebrow with little emotion.
"You ready to go?" he asked.
"Go?" Eliza struggled. The grip tightened again and she cried as his bare hands crushed her shoulder. He was hurting her so badly that she fell to her knees in pain. She reached for the chalk in her jacket but he was too quick. He swung it from her hand in a seconds notice. It fell a few feet away from her. She gasped but turned to him with anger.
"Who do you think you are?" she cried. "You saved me once before and yet now you..." she took a deep shaky breath, "You traitor, you lied to me."
"I never lied." he said shortly, "I merely saw a young lady in trouble. I can't stand by and watch her, no matter who she is, get hurt."
"Pride really is your soul's tear isn't it?" Eliza asked with a wry smile.
He frowned and Eliza saw his hand go up. Then it came down on her and she flew away from him. She fit a wall and slumped forward. She felt the throbbing pain in her head. when she touched the back of her neck she felt the blood on her fingers. She drew her hand back towards her face. It was indeed her blood. She began to hyperventilate. When he walked forward she tried to scoot away from him. Once again he was way too quick for her. He was near her in a flash grabbing her by the arm she was hoisted up in the air.
"Kain!" She heard the voice from above.
Lust landed near them with a wicked face.
She turned to Kain and slapped him across the face. He dropped Eliza's arm at the sudden impact but when Eliza looked up at his face she noticed his face was the same, emotionless. His pride was too big for him to give up. He looked down to Eliza and she frowned.
"You're not supposed to kill her only capture her and bring her back to the warehouse you dim wit. This girl is the key to the gate and you let her blood run freely. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed that this girl's blood is more serene than any others. Give her to me and I'll take her back myself. Obviously you can't handle this job. Get out of here Kain." she yelled.
It took me a moment to realize that this was just how she and Elrin had fought not so long ago. The man turned around and began to walk off. But before he could leave he turned his head slightly.
"You know as well as I do that the blood that runs in her veins is pure, more than any other. I hope you realize this Lust, that you are not the only one who realizes the power they hold within their bodies."
Lust frowned but remained silent.
Then she turned to Eliza. Eliza watched in horror as Lust pointed her outstretched hand towards her. Eliza knew that they didn't want her dead only alive. And as she was in bad shape right now there was no way she could fight her off.
"Whadda you want from me Lust?"
Lust's expression didnt change.
"Come with me. You and I both know you're too weak to fight me off so there's no use in trying."
Eliza's fists clenched but she stood up carefully stumbling once before catching herself on the wall. Her head was throbbing terribly. She didn't know what they were talking about. She was a key? what could possibly be going on here?"
"I'll go with you then."
Lust laughed once,
"Smart choice."
Eliza walked forward two steps before she felt Lust stop her.
Eliza grew angry.
'Is this woman playing games with me?'
"Not so fast. We're doing this we're doing this my way. Tie this blind over your eyes and then put your hands behind your back. The place we're staying is supposed to be a secret."
Eliza hated the idea of being blinded but if she didn't do what Lust told her to do then she might end up stuck like a marshmellow on a stick over a fire. She tied the blind fold over her face andwrapepd it around until she could not see anything. She was entrapped in the darkness. She began to feel the pressure in her face. She was going to be enclosed in the darkness.
She felt Lust grab her hands behind her back and tie them swiftly. When Eliza tried to undo them she found them tightly bound. The rope was too strong for her to break.
"L-Lust...Where are we going?"
She felt something touch her back and she gasped.
"Just keep moving forward. I'll lead you. Don't try anything funny or else I'll kill you within the second you dare run."
Eliza nodded barely listening.
She began to hum a tune from her music book. She didn't understand what was happening at first but realized that she was claustrophobic. She had learned this when her brother had locked her in a closet when they were little. They had been playing a game and she had hid in the closet. He locked her in there, thinking it would be a funny joke.
She remembered it clearly.
At first it had been fun and games. Eliza knew that to hid in the jackets would be a great hiding spot. So she ran in leaving it cracked and hunger herself inside the largest coat. She fit perfectly. Her plan was sure to work. Elrin's running steps could be heard from upstairs.
"Eliza!" he called, "I'm gonna get you!"
She giggled. after a time she began to feel the stuffiness of the room getting to her it was hot. The jackets began to crowd her and she fiddgeted around in the jacket. She became uneasy and sweaty. Her breathing was quick and heavy. She decided at last it was time to get out of the closet. She was climbing out of the jacket and reached for the knob. After a moment she realized it was really dark, then laughed mentally because her eyes were closed, that's why. She opened her eyes and was still dark. she tried again feeling her muscles work as she opened her eye lids again and again. She twisted theknob in her hand. It wouldn't open. She pushed against it with all her might and began to cry.
"S-someone!" she cried, "Let me out! Hurry! Let me out!"
"No way Eliza!" Eliza stopped crying long enough to hear Elrin's laughter on the other side. "You wanted to hide in there so you can stay in there."
She pounded on the door again with both her fists.
"Elrin! Elrin hurry and let me out! I can't breath...I can't...breath..."
Eliza dropped to the floor in tears hugging herself to the corner of the closet.
On the other side Elrin had left to go get both him and ELiza a snack. He had forgotten to unlock the door for her. He had thought it woudl be a good idea to go grab the snacks that he had forgtten about Eliza. He ut his ear to the door.
"Eliza, you in there?" he asked cautiously.
No answer.
"Eliza, are you okay?" still no answer.
Elrin dropped the cups of juice and snacks in his arms. The liquid spilled to the floor in a splash as he unlocked the door. When he opened the door he could not hear anything but the murmur of someone. The closet was empty until he looked to the right side of the closet where Eliza sat hugging her hands to her ears and rocking herself in a corner. Her heavy breathing were more like gasps of breath now.
he crouched hurriedly beside her.
"Eliza, what's wrong?"
She was sweating and she wouldn't move her hands from her head.
Elrin, knowing that they were alone at their house, pulled Eliza out of the closet and set her upright against the wall. She began to open her eyes now searching the room. She found Elrin, her brother, sitting beside her rubbing a cold wet towel to her head. He sighed when she finally opned her eyes.
"Hey, it's okay. I'm here now." he soothed. "Don't worry, you're okay."
"Elrin...I couldn't breathe. It was too dark, I couldn't see anything." she sobbed.
She put her arms around him and hugged him close. He hugged her back and put a hand to her head and rubbed her hair. Even though he ws a boy who liked trucks and dirt Eliza was still his sister and he knew how to treat a young lady and to him Eliza was his precious person whom he would always love.
'Elrin will come find me again.' she thought as Lust turned her a different direction. She heard a door open and knew they were inside somewhere. They hadn't walked far so they were within the ware houses for sure. This is where they had been hiding for the past few weeks probably. Their trail had been hidden so carefully, they had probably been on the move from place to place because of Jet.
She heard a door close and the blind fold came off from around her head. she felt Lust's delicate hands touch her shoulder.
"There." she said, "Now just sit here and Kayla will treat your wounds. Sorry about Kain, he can get a little out of control at times."
Her appology was incencere. she wasn't sorry at all.
Eliza looked around. They were inside a warehouse alright. This one was different from the others she had been in so far but still it had the same decorations. except these were all old and torn. Dust was everywhere. And so was the darkness. she reached for the wall and hugged her back against is. Lust turned around to see Eliza fixed on something on the ceiling. She realized the problem at once.
"You're claustrphobic aren't you?" she smiled softly, eyes watching with curiosity. "How strange and yet you plunged into that dark cave to save your brother before. Why now when there is hardly any danger near you or him would you suddenly be so frightened?"
"What do you mean no danger? My brother was in trouble, I would go through hell itself to get him back."

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