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Events of a life time part one!

Published by Michipanda in the blog Michipanda's blog. Views: 177

So many things have happened in this week alone, but only a few are memorable.

First, let's usher out the bad trashy events so I can pull out the nice delectable tray of good events. Here's the bad event...a speeding ticket. My first one to be exact and before you say it...I am not a driving saint. I just happen to have a keen instinct to watch out for undercover cars and the obviously painted white and black or the classic white and blue cop cars. He clocked me coming up and at the arch of a hill. I do believe that's cheating. I mean, haven't they heard of Newton's law of Inertia? You know the whole bit of motion remaining in constant motion unless something interrupts its natural flow. Well I was naturally flowing down that hill and I do believing braking on a hill is unhealthy for my brakes. That and I don't have the money to replace them so yeah...instead of paying $100 ticket, I'll just go to court with a pretty smile of reason.

Good news!
This isn't really good, but it's exciting! So for excitement's sake, it was placed in the "good" category of my events. So after lunch, I was getting ready to go back in with my fellow compatriots when I noticed with stunning horror that I had locked my key in my locker. Now you may think the following: "If it's a company locker, surely the have a master's key." "So, you're screwed right?" or "What's the big whoop about that?"
The big whoop is this! I had a master brand lock. You know those really anti-thief thick locks, that's what I had. Though I got said lock from my company's secretary, she didn't have the spare key. They do give you two keys right? The economy hasn't gotten that bad I hope where they only give you one key in a lock pack. Anyway, so I call LP (lost prevention) and had Liz bring the bolt cutter. Now you'd think they send me a nice burly man, but instead its just Liz. No joke, Liz is strong, but why make a woman suffer if she doesn't have to? Anyway so I'm giving Liz the cheerleader cheer as she squeeze and press and squeeze and rub the bolt cutter against the lock and "Thunk!"
A big chuck of silver or metal (whatever locks are made of ) comes off, but it's still effectively securing the locker. So we go (well I cheered and she did the manual labor) again and there's more squeezing and pressing and rubbing and "Clunk!" The lock, though still obviously locked, is now locked outside of its snug little hole. Amazed I exclaimed, "How did you do that!" She resigned with a I don't know. So we pulled it and turned and pulled it and "whimp!" it came off. Hazaah!! Oh but wait, we bent the latch so the locker is still...effectively locked. So now with the very same sturdy bolt cutter and its nice rubber blue sole handles, we work on the latch and after another good sixty seconds, the latch is straight and the locker is now free yaaaay! Thirty minutes wasted in a nice exciting way.

There was more good news, but I've forgotten. I was going to attach a picture of the lock to this entry, but I threw it away without taking a picture. Sad day, sort of. :-D Until next time!

Felecia out!
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