*falls alseep face first into the keyboard*

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Won't demonstrate here. :p

I've had probably 8 hours sleep... over the last 3 days. Today's my birthday, and I'm just miserable and grouchy, and I've cried twice, felt like the world was ridiculously over my head, and just useless. Been trying to look after a very vulnerable friend, and it's so hard to do that... I've never had to help someone in as worse situation as they were in before in my life. No idea what I was doing, but I did my best... Which just left me feeling guilty that I came home for my birthday, because I could only offer my protection while I was in that city, since I couldn't leave my friend with my key (and my housemate is the landlord's daughter so would know and be able to do something about it if I'd let my friend stay anyway) so I had to make her go to another house... When she'd told me I was truly the only person she could stay with for the sole reason that I am not a friend of her ex-boyfriend while everyone else she knows in the city are. She's staying with people she didn't feel safe with for that circumstatial evidence, and I'm home celebrating my birthday (I'm a twin and there's so many reasons I couldn't NOT go home) and... ARGH. Just argh. I still feel like I might cry.

And I can't write because I'm so tired. I've been putting down a few lines here and there, but I just don't have the brainpower to see a whole scene at once like normal... I'm failing to visualise things in the contect of my story so there's going to be so much editing... Blargh!
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