mugen shiyo Sep 23, 2011
IT seems fear is very hard to pin down, or maybe it's different for everyone. My fear is definitely different from yours. In the beginning, it seems to be a voice full of no, can't, and don't. A conflict of my mind. It tries to persuade and dissuade. It uses logic and reason masterfully. There is always a reason not to, always something better to do. If that fails, it reaches out to seize. It feels like a dark vice, heavy and restraining. I'll want to do something, but I just can't act. Can't move. Every nerve wants to do the exact opposite. My mind is FULL of counterargument. My actual convictions is like a small flame in a maelstrom and once it succeeds in blowing out my resolve I back down and retreat.

There's also terror. That one feels hectic and horrible. My skin tingles, my minds blank, and if I can't run, I become dazed almost. Terror seems to be me dodging something and all my mind is filled with merely dodging it if my mind hasn't totally abandoned me to begin with.