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~Fed Up~

Published by Strwbry-Bubblez in the blog Strwbry-Bubblez's blog. Views: 93

So damn empty, feeling so alone.
So much sadness eating me straight to my bones.
I front, I smile, I joke, I laugh.
But me inside, I'm broken in half.
I'm not even me, I don't even know who I am.
I don't wanna be here, living life full of fear.
It's like I can't see, I feel I can't hear.
Everyone's words go into my mind and straight out my ear.
I can't believe no one, I have no type of trust.
Everyone does me dirty like it's some type of must.
I'm just so tired, so tired of life.
All I think of is ending myself.
Don't leave me around no knife...
My thoughts don't stop. I'm so tired of thinking!
If my hearts already sunk, How come it keeps sinking?
Why am I so empty? Why can't I feel?
Why are my scars so hard to heal?
I just wanna be erased, I don't wanna be here.
I feel so desperate, what move do I make?
Help me God, there's not much more I can take.
I'm so mad, so full of hate, so full of anger
I can't handle all this weight...

**November 2007**
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