FIFA 10 ate my money and my heart

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I have spent an awful lot of my time at college playing this amazing soccer game and am an immovable fanboy for the franchise. While it doesn't even begin to compare to its far superior console counterparts it's still fun. So like i do every year i went and bought the latest version for my PC, believing that i would be getting more of the same goodness. Boy was i wrong.

After paying the full retail price of RM200 (USD$60):mad: for this i got home to discover that it was the 2009 version with an updated interface and a few new motion capture movements. I was seriously cheesed off by this and decided to give it some time, maybe play with a friend or two. I got my pals together and we sat for 1 hour. It was mind boggling how bad this game was:confused:. They put no effort into it at all, in fact the 2009 version which we had decided was below par seems all the better now. I am beginning to wish that i never ever bought this game. And its also disheartening to realize that something which you felt was forsaken has sunk even lower. It's like they don't even give a....This is game is bad news and this is my biggest disappointment in a long time. Come on EA Sports, you guys claim that if you were to switch to next-gen almost all PC users won’t be able to play it. That is utter bull and nonsense. Look at PES 2010, next-gen and a lot of people are able to play it. That statement was simply an excuse to not work a port or anything. They just want to do squad updates year after year, saying the same old thing that most PC users will not be able to run next-gen gameplay. Think about it, they have the ability to create an option for people to select between the graphics. Whether their computer can support next-gen or not won’t be a matter no more if they were able to choose between the different graphical settings no? Don't buy this game it sucks. If you don't believe me buy it...That'll teach you:p

Glad i got that out of my system:redface:
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