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I've seen horror stories play out in real life. Seen buildings explode and crumble into ashes. I've seen people jumping to their deaths out of 20 story windows to escape death by fire. I've been raped, abducted, and had to fight for my life through strangulation attempt by a crazy man. I've seen drug deals go wrong, seen a man shot, and held his leg with a turnicate all the way to the hospital, to keep him from bleeding to death. Seen someone overdose, and escaped the madness of solitary confinement for almost 8 months....
I've seen nightmares come true, over and over again. And it's done nothing but make me stronger. I survived. Yes I did. Now I move forward knowing my strength. Knowing I have gained wisdom and courage. Knowing I can survive.
Fighting? Yes I have been.. But for my life like so many others do.
I will continue to love and just be. Forgetting is impossible, but moving forward is not. Love to all
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