Finally a Diagnosis

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For about 8 months I've had this hoorible back problems. I've been to 3 different doctors, countless chiropractic appointments, had an MRI, and dozens x-rays. Just the other day we went to an awsome doctor who finally told me what is wrong.

My lowest disc is almost herniated, the one above it is buldging, and the next two are dehydrated. When the doctor told me that I cried in the office, my mom cried too. Because of it I am not allowed to play majority of sports, only swimming and a little bit of soccer.

I'm a runner not a swimmer

But sports is my life and I can't do it anymore unless I want screws and bolts in my spine. And thats not what i want, so that means I have to become inactive and watch from the sidelines.

Today was my last rec soccer game. I had to quit so I would be able to try out for my high school team this year. I'm angry that I am hurting myself by doing the things that I love, and I've been taking it out on my family and my boyfriend. They don't deserve that.

When track season comes along I am not allowed to play because the discus and shot would completely destroy my discs. I;m not looking forward to just watching my teammates able to compete while I offer my help and criticism because I was on varsity.

Sometimes life really sucks. But this is a time to turn lemons into lemonade and just keep living.
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