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first blog entry

Published by SeverinR in the blog SeverinR's blog. Views: 208

Learning this sight, trying to share my style of writing, and how I do it, and learn the way others do it.

I am at a low in inspiration, which isn't suprising since when I started writing I started 10 books, currently have two finished.
So I might just need to recharge. I push myself to write.

Not rushing to have my work reviewed. One thing my proof reader was off for awhile and haven't got the edited books back yet.

I also stopped reading, it seemed to spawn ideas.

I need to edit work I posted on another sight.
Then I might submit it. It got more then a few reads, but only two minor critiques.

My favorite sub forum is:
Character development.
The posts get me thinking how to improve on the ones I have, and will make in the future.
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