First MS Finished

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The first and only story I started in 2017 is now finished. :bigsmile: Gees that sounds so cool!, Not only did I start and finish something for the first time in my life (although its has been nearly 3 years coming). I did'nt fall into all the other regular traps of starting numerous projects at once. I guess that is because writing a 70k MS has kept my little brain occupied all this time, and I could hardly have fitted any distractions in.

Could it be better? Yes.
Does it need re-writing? Most probably.
Will I try and release it into the public domian? Hmm!

All in all I am 75% happy with it. Now I will take a rest from it and maybe fill in the back stories, work on the graphics which I have been promising to do for too long. I will try and become a better writer and maybe get it to 90+% personal satisfaction over the next 6 to 9 months.

At least I have learned to write and speak with much more confidence. I choose my words now and articulate myself better. Auto spell correct hardly ever seems to hassle me these days. So lets see what the future brings. :p

Thanks for the support and advice from the many here!
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