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Well I already have 2 of my own blogs and I don't really mind writing in a third. I guess this can be dedicated to the works that I post here. Admittedly I haven't had the courage to post here other than one short story contest.

The reason I began writing in the first place started with therapy, I found that I could articulate my thoughts on paper in a way that I seemed to make sense. I wrote about my experiences in the army and even other experiences that my therapist thought pertinent.

I love gritty and real writing, and taking criticism is a whole new animal to me. I would love to get as much practice as I can and I have no Illusions about writing. My understanding is that it can be a cruel and punishing world, sometimes filled with emptiness and constant critiques.

I read in 'Outliers' that to be truly great at something 10,000 hours is the magic number, I love to write so I think someday I'll get there.

If you want to check out some of my creative writing you can check it out here:
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