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I find more and more that I have a problem focusing my attention. I think it has to do with habits. I feel like if I could establish a habit with regard to my writing, and just tasks in general... I might be more productive.

Over the years this had proven difficult for me outside of my work environments. I also know that as a creature of habit, when I go outside of my routine it completely derails my whole day. Realizing this amuses me greatly. In the past, my work environment wasn't always conducive to routine, and more often than not things went sideways. But it amuses me because I thought those days of chaos were when I shined brightest.

Even more amusing, and most importantly, I decided when I sat down today that I would write this as a way to focus myself and force myself back into a writing frame of mind. I've been struggling with getting any writing done yet again. I desperately need to break that cycle as I have projects that need to be completed.

More important than that need is the realization that I NEED to be writing. I'm not content or even pleasant when I'm not writing. I'm short-tempered and I dislike the person I am when I don't have a creative outlet for all the miscellaneous crap that I deal with on the day-to-day.

I wish I could say that my lack of focus was not limited to writing or creative pursuits. That would make me feel better about it, but that's not the case for me.

So, how do I break the trend and push through this problem? As I sit here writing in the library across the street from my office, I have my headphones in, and I've been listening to the same song (on repeat) while I type. Sometimes this is enough. Sometimes just surrounding myself in a busy environment and forcing myself to put the headphones in and focus works wonders.

I'm not a writer who thrives by writing at home and never have been. Why I keep forcing myself to try to be is ridiculous and I need to just go with what does the trick. And now I think I'm finally ready to tackle my short story.

I wrote this as a focus exercise and thought the peek into my head and troubles might help someone else. Happy writing! -Corbyn
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