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Football - Why i hate it!!!

Published by fantasy girl in the blog fantasy girl's blog. Views: 121

hi, we had to write ten reasons why we did or didn't like football in PE today as the class mucked around, thought i would post what i wrote here as i think it is a but funny.

Heres my reasons

1) it's pathetic
2) it's just a game, why do people get so difencive?
3) it's pathetic
4) it's just a game, why do people get so involved?
5) it's pathetic
6) it's just a game, why does it need hooligans parading the pitch
7) it's pathetic
8 ) it's just a game, why do you need to support this team why do you need to support that team
9) it's pathetic
10) colchester united absolutly suck

just have a look, and modify my post so it says the 10 reasons you like/dislike football
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