Four Things I've Learnt from Fourms.

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I'm starting to learn more about the fourms I'm on in the last month than I have in the last six years I've been posting in fourms.

So, just for amusement (and info if you're curious), here are the four things I've learnt from the fourms:

#1- Avoid the political sections at all costs. 95% of the time, it's filled with morons who act like they're so knowledgeable about an issue and will argue relentlessly. Expect to see insults hurdled left and right like monkey crap as if the "be nice" rule read, "Feel free to insult, belittle, demean and bully everyone you disagree with as much as you want!" You'll leave insulted, upset, and angry at the "idiots who just don't get it". Unless you want to feel this way every day, stay out!! There is an entire rest of the fourm you can explore.

#2- Ignore Button is your friend. If you're harrassed by a member who just won't listen to you, just put the user on ignore. If they couldn't be reasoned with the first time, what makes you think they'd be reasoned with the tenth or twentieth time? They're nothing more than the internet version of a school yard bully, but this time, you can choose not to have to devote your precious time with them.

#3- The Country icon is a lie. The little flag icons that indicate from which nation a member hails from is just as truthful as the gender and age. You all know me as a twenty-one year old man from Alabama. This is true. I could, however, have signed up pretending I was a fourteen-year-old boy from Moscow, Russia.

#4- Internet identiy could be different from real life counterpart. For the most part, people on the fourms act like how they would if they were meeting you face to face. However, there are those who like to have a seperate identity, so a shy, not-so-very-tough person might develop an energetic, robust, tough personality on the fourm. And if you're curious about my personality, what you see in my posts is generally what I am in real life, a shy, nice, eccentric person.
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