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Published by RedRaven in the blog RedRaven's blog. Views: 74

I read a lot. And that's an understatement.
I don't go to libraries, because I read mostly in English and since Belgium is dutchspeaking (my side is anyway), they don't usually have a big collection of english literature.

I buy them cheap, that's a comfort, but still I end up with a bunch of novels that I don't intend on rereading and I don't believe in saving them for my kids either.

So, I went on the internet and googled for any secondhand bookstores in the vicinity. None to be had. Just one that I had tried that one a few years back which turned me down, accepting only antiques and study books.

It seems that I need to go save up my discarded books until I have a whole pile of them, imagine dozens of boxes full, so I can attend a fair or two and be rid of them that way.

When I talk to my foreign friends, living in England, Canada, America, Australia, they all talk about browsing in secondhand stores, bringing in their books, getting a few pennies back, and it makes me crazy that I don't have that here in Belgium.

Another reason why I shouldn't be living here. If I could just persuade my husband of this.
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