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Funny Little Thing, Life

Published by zorell in the blog zorell's blog. Views: 98

Okay, you know that movie with Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom?

Well this guy fat-finger dialed my Gram's phone, texting her this gobble-dee-gook. So she hands me the phone, and I txt him back wanting to know who he is. His name's brad. So, I ask who I am. Kelly. Nope.
wrong name,
wrong number,
night brad.

That was a week ago. He did it again last night, the same first message, but I actually decided to txt him back for the heck of it. i had to remind him that I'm not Kelly, I'm Tori, this is me Gram's fone. He says that Bree says that I'm lying, it's Kelly's fone.

Turns out that he's in high school too, and we don't know each other, but he's conviced i'm Kelly. I even told him that the only Kelly I've ever met was from MATTEL, he had no clue what that meant.

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