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Geography Come Another Day

Published by J.P.Clyde in the blog Locket in my Pocket. Views: 161

I am literally going to kill whomever thought Geography was a course everyone should take to get their associates. I really do not like my Geography class.

Power Point presentations that are geared towards more audio and visual picture learners, do not help me. All though I am a visual learner, I am a visual textual learner. Meaning I need to read text and then a graph or a picture can help me visualize what I read.

When you just show me a picture of a Strike slip fault, I'm like looking at a whole new foreign language. I do have a recorder to record the audio of the class, since the teacher talks way to fast for me.

But I also feel that Geography is as specialized as trigonometry or calculus. The tools are useful if you were to one day become a Geographer. Longitude and Latitude. It feels like my Earth Science class had a baby with a world Atlas and they called it Geography.

People do not talk to each other like this:

Bob, "Hey come to my house on Friday?"

Pat, "Where do you live?"

Bob, "50degress N 69 degrees W"

No. They talk in streets and relations to roads. People don't use degree, west, north, east, south, etc. It's all instinctual, at least for me. So I find it all a little bit silly really. It just isn't the way people talk nor navigate any more.
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