Getting my wisdom teeth cut out was...

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Just thought I'd throw it out there. Really, it was a pain in the mouth, but ass and mouth are usually so close that it doesn't matter. :rolleyes:

I haven't been on the boards in forever, and I apologize. I got in a little trouble for nearly providing salvia to a minor, so that accounts for most of my absence.

I'm talking to this new chick. For those of you keeping up with my blogs you'd know I had trouble with a different one a while ago. That's over, we're friends again, all is well. Anyway, this new chick is a lot more contagiously awesome than Abi was, and she enjoys many of the same things I do, like making fun of handicapped kids and whatnot. (Psst, that was a joke). :D

Seriously, we moved pretty fast. See, she moved here from Dallas in the last four weeks of last school year and she had no friends. Well, now she got in with this bad crowd and, being the nice guy that I am, I informed her of this, and she was grateful.

We started calling each other a little more and hanging out, the whole awkward "friends before you date thing" that most people call 'talking'. While doing so she goes over her exs and I go over mine, just as a failsafe I guess to ensure there won't be any embarrasing/confusing moments later in our relationship. All things checked out (aside from the fact that she almost became best friends with an ex-girlfriend of mine who just so happens to think I'm an asshole), and we're moving along quite nicely. Physically there's been nothing but tummy-touching hugs (you know, the kind you won't give to anyone but those significant others...even your mommy), but we're getting there. ;)

Anyway, that's what's up guys. Sorry to keep myself away from y'all. God bless. :)
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