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Gotta respect the States

Published by lastresort in the blog lastresort's blog. Views: 153

I do. It's good to have them on our side. Australia I mean. Better the strongest military in the world represents democracy. I'd like to think we are the good guys, ie. wealthy democratic countries. But perhaps there are no good guys, when it comes to violence.
Just hope it doesn't come to them versus us. Them seems to include war-torn Muslim countries, China, Russia and some other rogue states like North Korea. God, world war 3, what a thought! Maybe the doomsday cults are right about an imminent Armageddon. I'd better take them more seriously now. :)
But look at countries like Japan and Taiwan. How dependant they are on US military defence. It's scary to think how fragile, the world is. Just one crazy pre emptive strike and boom!
I've never learnt to use a gun and I'd make a terrible soldier. Logically speaking then, I am a pacifist because I'm hopeless with gadgets. I'm against war because I don't want to be killed and killing someone else sounds outstandingly traumatic. I admire soldiers and feel sorry for them, when they have to re-adapt to civilian life. you know, thank God for people prepared to do dangerous jobs. And that includes nurses and doctors. have you ever wondered who cleans up after a crime scene! Now, there's a cleaning job that deserves a good hourly rate! Make sure you wear gloves, my dear!
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