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Great Story/No plot.

Published by ramedrake in the blog ramedrake's blog. Views: 100

After a kebab and a beer the other day my colleague started telling me an idea he'd had about a man with an animals head living in Tokyo and dealing with racism and police brutality. I loved the idea hurried home and wrote six pages of scene setting: The characters painful homesickness, his depression, and confusion in the Japanese society.
However, once this was done I was rather stuck with where to take it from there.
I named the animal after my colleague (he's not so impressed by that) and while I can envisage many situations, that he finds himself in I can't really come up with a whole plot. The obvious choice is Yakuza and intrigue with corrupt coppers but I've never been a competent crime writer and would like something a bit fresher. I don't really write action well in comic form either so perhaps its better to be like American Splendor and make the mundane interesting rather than aiming high drama.
There's another kebab and beer to be had tonight, perhaps fresh inspiration will come.
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