Hallowed halls

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I thought this time it would be differrent,
but I lay here alone, once again,
I don't quite know, I can't quite place it.
So I put paper to pen, my only two friends.
From my thoughts, I must be rescued,
and so I return to you, my last refuge.
I have forsaken your hallowed halls for many moons now,
but once again I must turn to you now,
to show me how-
My only guide to help me through-
my only light to reveal the truth,
and quell those thoughts that go astray,
I hope I can see and find my way,
I pray I will make it through these days,
of darkness to come, the sadness which will follow,
here alone in these blessed hallows.
where this story shall remain, retained in time.
hidden here until someone should find,
this moment, laying dormant;
left here to ferment,
these dreams once dreamt,
waiting idly by until conjured once more,
from the thin cold air-
Long after this this little life,
has been rounded in an eternal sleep.
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