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Happy Endings are Stories that haven't ended yet.

Published by 221BOlympusExpress in the blog 221BOlympusExpress's blog. Views: 129

This might make me sound really negative and pessimistic, so I must make this clear: I wrote this because I wanted to explore this simple lyric by Maday Parade, "Happy endings are stories that haven't ended yet" and this is what I ended up writing.

Happy Endings are stories that haven't ended yet.
Nothing lasts forever, everything reaches it's end, be it glass or plastic. A glass will break, if not today, tomorrow, then someday, maybe years later, but it will break. Plastic will melt. If you feel you're happy, you should also keep in mind that that happiness is going to end, because there's still years to come in your life and who knows what all that time in the future will bring? Maybe the next years will be even happier, or they could be so sorrowful you'd regret you were ever happy for that state made you think you'll stay like that forever. You have to understand that a sorrow so huge and infinite is going to take place sometime later, the splitting of Earth to the collapse of the sun and this state that you deem your happy ending, will really reach its end and only then will you realise that nothing can end in happiness and that all this time, you've been deluded by the temporary emotion of joy that gives birth to the false hope of permanence.
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