Happy Ramadan <3

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Ramadan is a lunar month in the Islamic calender. Today is the first day of Ramadan, and today many Muslims start(ed) fasting! It's an exciting experience, to be honest.

Ramadan is the month of fasting, when Muslims are expected to, at surface value, abstain from food, drink and conjugal relations from dawn to dusk - and spiritually, are expected to refrain from all areas of bad deeds especially, that maybe (I think) it can become a habit in future. :D

Fasting is compulsory on the adult men and women. Women who are menstruating, are pregnant or lactating are exempted from this obligation and must make up for the days missed later in the year. Minors and travelers are also exempted from the obligation. The weak and old can miss fasts too, but are then supposed to feed a certain amount to a certain number of people to help them fast.

Where it seems like a rip off from Christianity or other religions, its quite different. I mean, the whole experience is surreal. I never feel so happy, complete and at peace, but in this month. There is no hunger, and if there is, I don't bother. Trust me, I eat like a dinosaur when I like. But this month - I just don't. It's a rather ethereal month, full of joy and mercy of God. May Allah give all obliged Muslims the spiritual stamina to fast ~ Ameen.

Everyone who took time to read, thank you. Ramadan is a special month for me at least, and after Ramadan we celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr - Festival of Giving. So yeah. :D
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