Hello again.

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Well, hello there. Again.

I decided to post to my blog again, as you can obviously see. It is basically because I'm bored, but also because I wish to inform you of three things, all of which you probably don't care about, but I'll share anyway!

Reason Numero Uno: I wrote a poem! Its horribly cheesy, not lovey-dovey though, and its about... a star. Need I say more?

Reason Zwei: I'm official halfway through Chapter Three in the novel I'm writing! Now, now, no reason to be amazed. You may simply cheer quietly. (ahh, the modesty.:p) Oh, and before you cheer, be sure to make sure nobody else is in the room with you. They may think you're rather... strange.

And, finally, Reason Blue (that works... right?):
My friend's dad was in a motorcylce accident, and he was badly injured. The accident was last Friday, and he's still in the hospital, constantly changing from in-coma to not-in-coma (not quite sure what the actual term is at the moment...). What I wanted to share with you is the fact that my whole class has arranged to send in donations to the family, because, not only is his dad self-employed, but he's the sole supporter of the family. So, without my friend knowing, everybody in my class is going to help out and send in some money. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside:D.

So, with those little tidbits, I am done. Now I'm off to go watch little children's shows. Oh, the joy of having younger siblings.

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