Hello, people of Earth, Australia, and Rhode Island (No Aliens Allowed)

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I just wanted to give a quick intro and sort of explain myself, for everyone looking at this the first time.

As a writer, I am almost completely inexperienced. I know WHAT to do, HOW to do it, but the practice of it is, in itself, the thing that stops me. I'll get these brilliant ideas in my head, write them down, then forget about them forever. For example, an hour earlier brilliance popped into my head. Even now I'm losing it. SO, you guys get the lucky end of this curse. Any ideas, plans, et cetera, will be posted here for review, critique, and general praise ;) . I'll try and write as much as possible, so bear with me, because most of what I'm writing is pure ideas and blurry images.

And, because this is really an intro, and I want to get some community interaction, I want you guys to post in the comments your favorite... Paradox. Why not? :D
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