Here we go! fight scenes??

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Wow. Just got on and hey presto, BLOGS! Not sure how this will turn out but hey, ya never know huh?!

I was asked to write about combat scenes and description. Not sure how it will turn out but again, ya never know.

When I write a fight scene I think probably the best thing to do is get the basic fight manouvres if you have a character that knows martial arts. Research is the best thing if you are involved in writing about something in this world or if you are writing about something fictional as in another dimension, it's still best to have a minimal amount of knowledge.

So fight scenes huh? Righto. My best thing is to keep the action flowing, keep it going but not too long if there is only one or two opponants. I also got told by someone that internal dialogue, your characters thoughts, are good to have. I suppose it helps the reader to identify and know the character.

I also find that imagining yourself as the character sometimes helps with description. Ask yourself, What would you hear? Would the Blade of the sword whistle or sing? What color is that blood you see? I mean, red, but is it a deep dark almost black red or is it scarlet? Is the blood smudged across that guy's face like an obscene kiss? Or is it dripping or flowing?

Adding in the descriptions really helps the reader and yourself to imagine the places, I know that I am reading a good book if I can 'see' what's going on in my mind.

Also, a cool thing is to slip in weather. I mean you could be writing a massive battle scene or fight scene. I mean, wicked and all, but you can add the characters feet were slipping on the wet grass, her breath came out in a fog or the sweltering sun blinded them for a second. Along those lines.

Okay, well, I suppose that will do for entry number one. I guess, if you want to ask me something about fight scenes or want to bounce Ideas of me, let me know and I would be happy to help!

I just hope this entry didn't suck!

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