High School

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Okay, so it just hit me. I'm actually going to high school next year. I'm graduating next week! And since I go to a private Catholic school, only four other kids that I know are going there with me. I'm going to be leaving everybody! *tear, tear*

I'm nervous, but verrrrrrrryyyyy excited. I'll be taking French *Hoorayy!* for my Foreign Language, and I'm happy about that. I'm sorry, but after so many years of a horrrriblee Spanish teacher, I've just given up on even attempting to learn that language...

There's also this special "Virtual High School", where we can choose from numerous classes online. The teachers, and fellow students, could be from anywhere else in the world. I'm hoping to take Creative Writing and... umm... I'll think about it:p

Oooh yeah!! Did I mention that my soon-to-be-school has one of the best Drama programs in the state? So, *YAY!* to that one as well! And, finally, soccer. I'll be trying out for that one, too:rolleyes:

Alrightyy, now that my little excited rant is done, I'll just be going now. Au revoir!
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