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So... I haven't been here in ages... hehe... sorry about that. I can't really find many places who support writiers. Anyway, I face a new problem now with Google Chrome not working here. It's so disorienting because being autistic, I like order and routine... and as if now, Opera is nothing near that when I have gotten so used to using Chrome.

Firefox kept freezing up and being difficult and meh... awful. I really don't want to end up going to Opera because I've tried Opera before and I nearly burst into tears because it confused me so much. I did make a post about this but it hasn't been answered and I'm starting to think that maybe people haven't had this problem and don't know what to do... OR I am missing something.

Annnnnyway, update on me... I have been working on a writing project for Christmas that involves a male and female set of twins names Sayuri and Sasuke Kuroneko. I'm quite proud of myself for keeping it going all this time and really working hard on it. It's the longest I've ever gotten so far. What's even better is that I've written eight chapters so far over 1000 words and I'm quite proud of myself. :D

But as if now, I am talking a break and working on the current development for my characters. I still haven't over come my current lack of self-confidence with my stories. People tell me I am really good but I still feel that my writing isn't that great. I just can't see how people find that good... when I feel like I'm not giving enough imagery. I feel like a failure every time I am writing and often times I feel like I just can't seem to overcome any of it.

But yeah... that's an update on me~
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