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Horus Heresy

Published by Raven in the blog Raven's blog. Views: 130

Something Im looking forwards to reading.

Descent of Angels
Mitchel Scanlon : Nov 07 (UK)

The long awaited story of the Dark Angels and their struggle for loyalty and honour.

This ground-breaking, SF chart-topping series tells the story of the Horus Heresy – the civil war that nearly tore the Imperium apart, ten thousand years ago.

Descent of Angels delves deep into the early history of the Dark Angels Space Marine Legion and their Primarch Lion El’Johnson. When news of Horus’s Treachery reaches Caliban, the loyalties of this proud and mysterious legion are tested to the limit, with tragic consequences. Mitchel Scanlon brings us the sixth novel in this breathtaking series.

The Horus Heresy series of novels:

Horus Rising
Horus Rising Special Hardback Edition
False Gods
Galaxy in Flames
Flight of the Eisenstein
Descent of Angels

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  • Raven
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