Hot Sauce and Hand Soap

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So I'm supposed to have a rough draft of a research paper either nearly finished, or already finished and in the process of refining by 2pm CST today.
Do I have a rough draft? No. But I have my outline and a general idea of what I want my point to be.
See, originally it was going to be a paper on the difference between corporal punishment, child abuse and how parents cross the line. But I figured that topic to be too broad. But the difference between a spanking and a Spanking is so objective, such a grey area, I found it hard to even begin my argument. So I changed the terms and approached one side of the argument: Discipline, Punishment, and where parents should draw the line. I know, it still sounds vague, but the point I want to make is that discipline should be the main tool for raising a child, punishment used sparingly and only for serious offenses, and why it should be this way.

Still subjective, still one sided, and I still have no idea how I'm going to get this rough draft cranked out in time to make my class.

My struggles with my educational progression aside, does anyone have any input on this topic? I'm kind of in a soap-box mood...
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