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How did I get here?

Published by makdadsb in the blog makdadsb's blog. Views: 59

Like many other people posting here, I feel that there is a story inside of me desperately trying to get out. Since I was a very young boy, I have wanted to write. I remember using a VERY primative computer (I was maybe 10) and writing a 4 page start to a science fiction novel. That's as far as I got, and over the last 20+ years, I have made many more attempts and have had zero complete stories. Why? I guess that losing interest in the topic played a role, but also I ran out of things to say. I would exhaust my ideas after 10 or 20 pages. I never had a plan.

I also never had experience with anything. I think most people will agree that you can't write about things you don't know. Maybe some people can get away with it, but I can't. Trust me, I have tried.

So, what am I doing now? Well, there are 2 things I have a lot of experience with. One - failing at writing stories and two - my job. So the story I am writing now (have no idea of a title yet) is about someone who is trying to write a story while navigating through his career. Lets just go ahead and call it semi-autobiographical. It is going well so far, but in the next blog entry I will tell you about the starts and stops I have had with it.
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