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How To Customize Your WF Blog (TUTORIAL)

Published by Alesia in the blog Black Gives Way To Blue. Views: 237

Recently, several people have asked me how to go about customizing their Writingforums.org blog. The process is quite simple really, and I've taken the liberty of creating an easy four step tutorial on the process.

1.) Go to "BLOGS" on the menu bar at the top of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear with a number of options. Click "MY BLOG."


2.) In the upper right hand corner of the blog page is a button labeled "CUSTOMIZE BLOG." Click it.


3.) There should be a symbol that looks somewhat like a giant "C" next to a button. There is one for each gadget. Click the one at the very top labeled "PAGE."


4.) A box will appear containing numerous options for background color, border color, font size/style, and a blank box labeled "BACKGROUND URL." Simply choose a wallpaper sized image from any site (Google Images will work) then copy/paste the image url into that box and voila!


Each gadget can be customized individually by using the same technique. Simply click the corresponding button and a similar options box will appear for each one. Just play around a little and see what suits your fancy!

Hope this helps! :)

-- AJ
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