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Humans: A Poem

Published by BiologicalCPU in the blog BiologicalCPU's blog. Views: 128

They are gluttonous.
They devour all in their path,
Taking more than they need.

They are lazy.
They avoid work at all costs,
Hoping others will do it.

They are lustful.
They easily succumb to temptation,
Despite the possible costs.

They are envious.
They don’t see the things they have,
Only what others have.

They are greedy.
They desire riches beyond riches,
Too much is not enough.

They are wrathful.
They burn those who anger them,
Never thinking before they act.

They are prideful.
They care only for themselves,
No one else matters.

But I don’t mind if this is what they’re like.
I wouldn’t change anything.

I am gluttonous.
I am lazy.
I am lustful.
I am envious.
I am greedy.
I am wrathful.
I am prideful.

And you know what?
So are you.
We are human
Nothing will ever change that.​
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