I Fail WF and Everyone

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I've failed WF to the point where everyone just thinks I'm this person.
This person of disrespect and arguments.
This person whom they think is rude.
I fail this world because I don't push myself any further then what I am.
I'm afraid of socializing with people in the real world, I have had to much experience of becoming attached and then being kicked in the backside.
It seems I face the same problem I do out there in here as well.
Someone I really admired become another person. And I no longer admire this person, I saw their darker side.
I saw a side I didn't want to see.
I wanted to believe in this person and couldn't. They were just like the others who pushed and ignored me away.
I only small amount of people whom I think truly understand me. Truly are my friends.
I don't understand what I am doing wrong.
And I don't understand why everything has to be a popularity contest.
Another great person I admired just slipped out to the sites.
Everyone hates him, but I know he's a great man.
If he weren't he wouldn't protect me.
So this man is the man I'm suppose to truly admire until he stabs me in the back to. I cannot give myself to people because they all stabbed me in the back.
I cannot talk to people here or even out there because they'll hurt me. And I'll know that I'll get saying this as well.
Stop being whiny, stop being emo.
But I'm not.
Cannot someone just have a moment where they feel like crap. Cannot someone just express them myself emotionally.
I'm lonely like I am out there, I'm lonely here. I feel I'm not respected the way I should be. I feel everyone hates me.
So if everyone hates me, and I cannot do anything about it. Nothing for forgiveness, nothing for friendship, nothing for them to understand me.
Why am I even here?
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