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I hate it when . .

Published by starrynight89 in the blog Reality Bites. . .. Views: 121

. . .my toast is burnt even though I made sure the toaster was on the lowest setting.

. . . the thirty minute power nap turns into two hours and I wake up feeling sluggish and miserable.

. . . I can't recall the name of that song I keep humming.

. . . I see other girls who are half my size and eat twice as much as I do.

. . . I leave the house and come back moments later because I forgot something.

. . . I can't choose a font or color to type in.

. . . everyone else seems to get everything they ever wanted except for me.

. . . I start reading a book for the third time, hoping to finish it this time, and still manage not to.

. . . I go to dictionary.com because I don't know how to spell something and I don't want my crush to think I'm an idiot, even though he openly admits to his bad grammar and punctuation skills.

. . . things get monotonous and there is no change.

. . . when someone talks to me only when they want something.

. . . I start the morning off with a headache and a heated argument with my parents.

. . . when I really, really want to write but get stuck after the first paragraph.

. . . I work towards something for a whole year and still fall short of achieving it.

. . . I can't sleep but I want to.

. . . I sleep but I don't want to.

. . ..I can't find the words to tell my parents how much I love them even though it might not always seem that way.

. . . I knowingly do something stupid and regret it later.

. . . I try really hard to impress others and worry about what they think instead of what I feel.

. . . I can't get over this guy when it's been four years and he has a girlfriend and we don't even live in the same country. . . :confused:

. . .

That list is pretty much self explanatory. lol. Feel free to make a post of your own. It's sort of therapeutic, in a way, just get all the hatred out. :) Comment so I can check out what you guys hate.

I should make another post titled "I love it when. . ." But it'll probably be much, much shorter. How optimistic, right?;)

Take care[/SIZE][/FONT]

[Edit]: 9 pm

I hate it that I don't have the courage to stand up for myself and I let my emotions get the best of me. . . instead of standing on my own feet. I hate that I'm so vulnerable when facing failure and always end up looking at the darker side of things instead of the light. . .

Even though I tried to cover up my disappointment with optimism and it worked to some extend but it's still hard not to think about what could have been.

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