I Wish I Could Strip

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I wish I could strip myself down to the bone.
So everyone can see the real me.
But if they ever saw who I was they would immediately judge.
Leave out the door and I would have no one.
I've learned to be a chameleon only expressing parts of what people can handle.
But I hate limiting myself.
I wish I could strip and everyone could accept me for being me.
It's painful to look in the mirror and ask yourself "Who am I?"
When you already know who you are, but everyone can only accept so much of you that you have to hide yourself which leads to these questions.
People make me so lost at times because I know they can't handle my terrible visions.
They couldn't handle me and my normal conversations.
Why do I have to be only what people can handle?
Because people would never accept me.
The consequences of this would be horrible.
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