If you had a choice

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If you had a choice would
you change what you
got? Would you turn up
the noise or thicken the
plot? Or would you
change nothing just to
watch it again from the
place it all started to the
place it all ends if
through the first part you
darted would you slow
down for the rest would
you make yourself
wealthy or holy &
blessed? If you were
down and depressed
would you brighten your
day if you knew what
path to take would you
go that way? What do
you say ? What is it that
you'de do ? To error is
human we all know thats
too true but what if you
knew to rise above & do
the opposite of whatever
it is you did that kept you
from love if push came
to shove where would
you stand would you be
taking advantage or
lending a hand like grains
of sand were all washed
away in the tied if you
attempted and failed
would you continue to try
no need to reply
because you call the shot
so if you had a choice
would you change what
you got?
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