I'm SO cool! Oops! Sorry. That wasn't me!

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List of reasons why I'm awesome:

1. Today I feel down an escalator. Much faster than falling down stairs. Believe me. And a bit more embarrassing with the gangsta's behind me screaming: "HOLY ****!" (I wasn't hurt. I had half a mind to punch the gangsta's for running into me, but didn't.)

2. Wrote a poem today! But then I realized I should've been paying attention because we had a test on the lecture I'd been ignoring. Got an A anyway by pulling answers out of my ass.

3. My friend called me and told me a joke, and somehow I missed it until 30 minutes into the conversation. At which point I was like: "HA, HA, HA!" except she was talking about how her relationship was about to end. Oops.

4. I walked out to go to the store in my pajamas. Then got in my van, looked at my plaid, pink pants and was like... "**** it. I don't care."

5. I don't remember what number I'm on, so I hope this is right.

I need sleep! 4 hours of sleep in over 48 hours. I wish my son would just learn that going to sleep is not the end of the world!
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